Goods receipt clarification

Does anyone know of a way to be a bit more granular with how the software handles the need for a goods receipt (erpnext calls it a purchase receipt)? In the buying settings you can tell the system if you have to have a goods receipt, which is great at a global perspective. We buy a lot of “services” which don’t get delivered per se, so we have this set to No right now. However for some items we buy (such as fixed assets) we really need to have a goods receipt to track and then setup depreciation. We do this manually today, but things are getting missed. Would prefer the software prompt.



Managing purchase and sales for the fixed asset item follow all-together different approach. For the asset item, you should first create Asset record. And from that Asset record, you should create sales and purchase transactions for it. Since Asset is a non-stock as well, Purchase Receipt won’t have much effect on it either. For the fixed asset item, accounting and stock count is managed based on Asset record only.

Hope this helps.

Thanks for the video link. That was helpful. I have more questions :slight_smile:

I must have something setup wrong, I can’t find “new asset” when I use the search bar like the video shows. This is true in dev environment that is latest code and by prod which is still at 7.1.x. Is there a setting somewhere that turns that on/off? Where would I enter an asset manually in the menus?

I am also confused as to the overall process workflow. You are adding an asset to the database that you have not purchased yet? That seems a bit out of order. In our process we want to do this:

Supplier Quote → Purchase Order → Purchase Invoice → Payment Entry → Purchase Receipt → New Asset.

Once we know the asset is in place and put into use we create an asset for it and then start depreciation. I could see putting in asset right up front when doing something new like custom software development and you “build” an asset in house via “asset under construction” rules.

I can confirm that I do have the items in the item master that are FAs are set as so with proper asset category setup. My chart of accounts is also setup with the various depreciations setup by asset category just like the video shows.

For the record, I figured out why I could not see assets. I was not an Accounts User, which is the only role out of box that can do anything with the Asset DocType.

So still have question on the workflow.

Thanks for an update.

Having a separate Asset master has it’s own advantages. Like you can easily add existing assets, which is mostly the case with the assets.

For the workflow, you can make Purchase Order without Asset record linked to it. On receipt or invoicing of Asset, you can create Asset and then select in the transactions.

Will be great if you can create Github Issur for the suggestion of your Workflow.