Google Calendar Authorized but Not Syncing

I have authorized the calendar and created some Events in Google Calender.

But the sync says “No Google Calendar Event to sync.” (but i have events in my google calender)

What could be the problem?

FYI: Tasks created in ERPNext are synced to GC but the other way around is not working?


any guesses?

I also have issues with google calendar entries.
Looks like this is a bug.
I know it worked previously.
I just did an update today and this is the first time i have tried it for a while.
Could be a bug introduced with the latest releases.

I get the following error:

Google Calendar - Could not insert event in Google Calendar XXXXXX, error code 400.

I also got that error too. But for some events, I don’t get that error. I read that it is an error due to the incorrect time format.