Google Docs like module for ERPNext

I believe the topic is quite descriptive, so I am wondering about if there is any module I can acquire to simulate Google Docs like features for our staff.

If this type of module does not exist, I believe it is mandatory for the future of ERPNext and fast growing and moving companies like mine, services with significant daily operations.

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Request this feature in git hub.

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What aspect of google docs are you referring to? I can’t imagine that ERPNext will ever attempt to replicate google docs, because of the massive amount of resources that would have to go into developing it.

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Never say never :sweat_smile:


I believe that we should not think too much ahead as into rolling out a module which is complete as Google Docs but at least the basic features of editing a document / excel file and allowing other users to edit / view the same file.

I am providing this type of feedback and ideas as a business owner with some type of technical understanding so this comes out from our day to day necessities for operations.

Shouldn’t the mission of ERPNext be that of serving and supporting a business ?

this might the right direction? Nextcloud Office

Yes, it should, but ERPNext should be mindful of what it can excel at and what developments would be mediocre results at best compared to other products. As far as Google Docs style functionality, I think ERPNext would do well to avoid this.

I am wondering whether you are using an ERP System already? In my eyes there are significantly less usecases for sharing any files once you have the main business documents as objects in a database. So I am a bit in doubt whether such a feature is actually required once you have an ERP system running.

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Moving forward from spending time on useless questions as your previous opening question… vrns

We should not be thinking of an ERP system as purely a system. The concept at least of the company holding the rights of ERPNext, serve as many different types of industries and companies as possible and perhaps for some company operations, for some industries, sharing a file is necessary for whatever reason.

In my company, for my daily logistical operations, I am in need of such a file to be shared between two separate teams. We can all agree that at this moment ERPNExt doesn’t have a system / feature for daily logistics ( transportation plans, reservations etc )

As such, we have adapted the system to our needs as much as possible and we should take suggestions perhaps a bit more positive… specially you Mr vrms.

Every idea is a positive one at least it should be if you take your head out of your computer and focus more on business ( the purpose of an ERP ) instead of pure coding.


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