Google Drive backup instead of dropbox

Hi Team,

How do I integrate google drive backup for erpnext.

I followed the steps here: Setting up Backup Manager · webnotes/erpnext Wiki · GitHub

But now I dont how to give access to erpnext to the google drive, like the button for access to dropbox.

Awaiting you feedback.


@hpema108 We have stopped support of Google Drive for now (for some reason I don’t remember)


I think backup both files and database to Google Drive is a cool feature.

Let me check if I have enough time to continue this work. I think I need to create custom apps for this. I will update after there significant progress.


I tried to take backup in the google drive but unfortunately, I am getting Google drive server error, I tried to find out the solution for this error but did not get an appropriate one. Kindly help me.