Google Drive backup not keeping token

I’ve started using Google Drive to backup my database. For a given week, it works as I would expect it. After a week, the backups stop being executed, and no logs are generated. It seems like the auth token is only lasting a week, and the system (Frappe/ERPNext) does not seem to know how to do a “refresh token” to keep it working.

Can this be verified, and if so, I’ll file an issue on GitHub.


My google drive backups have also broken. It worked well for a while and now it’s not working for two days. Even “take backup now” seems not working.

I’m having the same issue. Have you raised an issue on github?

I had not. I was waiting to find out others were having the same issue before logging it, as I did not want to create a ticket that was “only me”.

OK. I also have the same issue. Let’s see any others get it?

I have the same problem.
Any help?
I guess it is a setting in google drive not ERPNext!
We need a google drive expert.

For framework developers: Connected App / Token Cache feature can also be used here. It has the logic required to fetch, cache and refresh tokens.