Google Drive & Calendar Integration Works, But Contact Failed

So I just following Google Integration with Erpnext Documentation

Everything configured as well. I did integrate Calendar and Drive normally.

But when I integrate to Google Contact, (click on Authorize Google Contact Access) the site redirected to Erpnext login. Not to google authentication, as well as I integrate the Calendar and Drive. No error message displayed.

Let me know what should I fixed. I did search to this Disscuss Forum and found no hints. So I post it here, maybe it was a new problem (bug).

UPDATE: I found this error prompt when Authorize Google Contatct Access

Did I need to reinstall the site? Could someone suggest me best way to reinstall, without reset the database?

I’m experiencing the same.
I have reported an issue here: `Social Login`'s `Authorized redirect URIs` are using `http` instead of `https` and other errors · Issue #39705 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub

It seems to me that the “People/Contacts” is not sending the correct URL.

Thank you Mauro, I’ve tried to fresh-install the bench and erpnext. I did integrate the google contact and the problem still occurred. So it seem to be a bug for V15.

Hope the bug fixed soon.