Google Indexing issue

I realize that my website ( doesn’t show up when searched for “erpnext türkiye”. So I enabled “Enable Google Indexing” but “Authorize API Indexing Access” button returns " Error 400: redirect_uri_mismatch"

A little research redirectms me to Usar OAuth 2.0 para aplicaciones de servidor web  |  Authorization  |  Google Developers

So I entered the Authorized redirect URI but it didn’t affect anything.

Is there anyone who succeeded the authorization part?

PS: Google Settings enabled and OAuth Client ID, Client Secret and API Key is entered. Also Google Indexing API is enabled.

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Also, I’ve requested the indexing in the Google Search Console but it says “URL is not on Google”

And I’ve added the host_name to site_config_js.

 "db_name": "_",
 "db_password": "_",
 "db_type": "mariadb",
 "host_name": "",

Hi @TurkerTunali, I ask you because it is the closest post to someone talking about the G Analityc integration, there are no issues reported in github or in the forum, it makes me crazy.

I tried several times and I can’t get it to work correctly, does the integration work for you?

It is very rare what it does, I have tried it in both V13 and V14. It tracks the views in the Analitic Webs report, but it stops tracking me in the google analytic account (very strange!).

So, I end up always resorting to placing the JS, but I have to set up rules so that it doesn’t take the internal paths etc.

I think I’m going to make a post in any case more neat to see if they add experiences.


me too. Everyday I loose leads because of an indexing issue.

Absolutely not.

I also do that in the Google Search Console.