Google Integrations - Can you have multiple services (Drive AND Calendar)

Hi Erpers
I am trying to get the Google Integrations working and have a very basic question.
Google Drive is working. Can you add other Google Integrations? The instructions talk about Calendar OR Drive OR Contacts. From what I can see I can only put one set of OAuth credentials into the Google Settings page (ie currently Drive).
Any assistance appreciated.

Hi there,

You can (and must) use the same OAuth credentials for all three, so long as scopes are set up right. The Google Calendar doctype uses those credentials by default.

Thanks for the response.

My issue is that I thought the credential setup included the service name " Add https://{yoursite}?cmd=frappe.integrations.doctype.{integration_name}.{integration_name}.google_callback as an authorized redirect URI." .

I think I am missing something?

Are you thinking that there can be only one URI Redirect? Google (and all other OAuth providers I know) allow you to add multiple allowed redirects to the same connection. If you want to use drive, calendar, and contacts, you just add all three of those integrations to the list of accepted redirects.

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I will give it another try. Thanks for your help.

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