Google Maps instead of Open Street Maps in Agriculture Module

OSM in the agriculture module is not serving its purpose. It is good for city areas where roads chalk out different areas but in rural areas you just see plain clear space, nothing else and you cannot mark your plot in thin air. Google Maps on the other hand gives the satellite view which solves the problem.

Is there any other solution to this problem? Is anyone using Google Maps instead of OSM who can guide me further? Is there any public repo with custom app to do so?


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Agreed. The Agriculture module is a good example to be affected by this. Probably we should open a Github issue as well; Mapping feature for ERPNext · Issue #1048 · frappe/frappe · GitHub is by far the most relevant to the mapping feature, but still not and old.

Just created an Issue. Issue 6058


any news?

My understanding is that using Google map required some charges. Different type of API connection with Google maps will have different price.

None. @Witton is right, different Google Maps APIs are charged different prices now, but still their should be a work around because otherwise the use of map to mark agricultural plots won’t work.

Much as I agree, support, and love the ‘Open Source First’ philosophy, I think there should always be an option for Google Maps (at least for the time being)

Open Street Maps is still practically unusable in several countries and ERPNext is a global product

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