Google Meet with Appointments

I am planning to modify the Appointments doctype to better suit our business.
So basically I would create a select field to choose between three options;

  • Office Meeting this would get the “company address” details
  • Online Meeting this would generate and store a Google Meeting link.

Then I would prepare an appointment email template which will have both fields ready so my customer can get the google meet link.

So my question is regarding the Online Meeting option. Is there a way to create a script to get a new meeting link automatically from Google Meet?

ERPNext v13.29.0
Frappe Cloud Hosting

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You should check if Google meet provides api for creating the meetings.

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Hello, at some point I had exactly the same need, but I ended up concluding the same as you say above, you have to go for the API and it becomes not so trivial.

But you can use instead of google meet, then you don’t need API call, just name the channel as you want.