Google Summer of Code or the Calico Challenge Idea: Year to Date for ERPNext

Hi, I’m Oshane Bailey, the developer who started the Salary Year to Date (YTD) for Frappe ERPNext project couple months ago. Due to work, I am not able to finish this project, but I would like it to be continued or completed under Google Summer of Code* of the Calico Challenge, preferable the Calico Challenge.

The use case for Salary YTD falls in the category of jurisdictional requirements of salary components that is useful to an employee from an awareness perspective of the yearly summation and deductions of various salary components, e.g. the gross income for a particular employee to date. Also, it is very useful in varying tax calculations that need to know the value of a particular salary component to date due to ways that tax is applied based on the value of the salary component, e.g. net income, total taxes, education tax and other deductibles to date. Having this addon installed, employees will be able to see how much they’ve currently earned and deductions paid during the company fiscal year. Jamaica, for instance, falls into this category, whereby we pay several different taxes which are cumulative based on year to date in the fiscal year.

Google Summer of Code, as you know is a global program focused on bringing more student developers into open source software development. Students work with an open source organisation on a 3-month programming project and is given a stipend for the 3 months they’ve participated in GSoC.

Likewise, the Calico Challenge is a Palisadoes program that offers Jamaican student developers stipends to write software code for various open source software projects which will allow students to publicly show the quality of their work. As defined by the Palisadoes Foundation, the Calico is very closely modelled on the Google Summer of Code (GSoC) initiative. A primary goal for Palisadoes is to make Calico a feeder program for GSoC.

I am from Jamaica, and I would like more Jamaican students to participate in the open source community and help more companies to turn their pages to Digital Customer Experience or Digital Transformation. With that said, ERPNext is a system I’ve used and recommended time to time and would love to support and promote it in Jamaica. As a result, I am asking this community to assist in promoting and gaining traction for ERPNext in Jamaica by sponsoring the Palisadoes Foundation to engage Jamaican students with stipends to write open source software code for ERPNext projects.

For more about the Calico Challenge, please see Calico 2022 - The Palisadoes Foundation