Got errors in v11


I just updated using from v10 to v11, but i got a lot of errors:

  1. In my homepage, it no longer show product image

  2. When I tried to set my desktop icon, it shows below error:

  3. When i tried to run Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet, it shows below error (I already closed 2018 period)

  4. In many transactions, like in CRM, items, invoice,…etc, it appears error screen as below:


You might need to migrate the DB

bench migrate

I already did bench migrate but it’s still not resolve.

I haven’t much experience with v11, but I would recommend running the update again after the migrate, and see if that helps. So… (after you have taken backups…)

bench migrate
bench update --reset

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Thanks @trentmu, after i did migrate, reset and update, the issue still exist the same.

Hi @trentmu, after follow your solutions on another post with these steps:

sudo rm -f /etc/apt/sources.list.d/yarn.list
curl -sL | sudo bash -
apt install yarn -y
apt install nodejs -y
#1- Test the install:
node -v && npm -v

Everything now resolved and work perfectly after bench update.

Thank you,