GPS coordinates


I was wondering if we could pull the gps coordinates and store it in a field through the mobile app? If so I would like to sponsor this feature for the framework.


… nice Idea

maybe those can be viewed in Google maps or open street map then…
same for all adresses - that way one (service staff) could calculate routes and distances as well as durations f.e.

@vivek I was looking into something similar (briefly) last week, since we can look up business addresses on google, and then find a phone number. If we have a list of businesses we want to call as Lead, and we can import addresses, or contact info, etc, and look it up via Google to fill in missing info, we can save a lot of time for our sales reps compared to manually looking up #s.

Definitely would be very useful for the service/maintenance team as well.

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Hi @vivek,
Any progress with this?

We would like to utilise this feature for onsite service tracking and events based on location of the user.

I think it would work with cordova plugins …you need to write an app for that …

Can anyone write out detailed specs? @vivek

The following would help me at least kick start with making location sensitive applications on frappe

  1. Physical Location doctype ( Geofencing )
    -Fencing radius ( 50m, 100m etc )
    -The form view will show the map with the marked location
    -We can have a function to check if any user_location is IN
    -This we can then LINK to other doctype like Address, warehouses, Company etc.

  2. User location doctype

    • A steady stream of location coordinates is sent from the erpnext web app.
    • The pulse rate can be set. This can be set for each individual user , employee / employee group as all need not be tracked at the same rate. if not none.
    • A CHECK_IN event is fired if the User moves into a physical_location, similarly CHECK_OUT.`
    1. Reporting Screen
      -Project filtered User locations based on time and date to Map
      -Project Physical Locations to map
      -Count for User Location CHECK_IN & CHECK_OUT for Physical Location


  3. If on mobile/tablets, coordinates would help use map apps for directions

  4. Smarter forms - Location data can be used to make forms much smarter. Location data can be used to auto fill address, filter customers, mark attendance and so much more

  5. User location can be used to check travel routes, track time based efficiency etc for field staff who are given smart phone devices

    These are the few use cases that I can think of

Would this suffice?


Some comments:
Geofencing should read georeferencing, i guess
Lat, Long and the coordinate reference system. WGS84is a kind of standard with GPS but there exist 100s of others.
Fencing Radius: I guess you mean the positional accuracy, caclulated by GPS/Mobile telephone.
Fencing Radius: buffer zone around position to fetch data.

Guess this needs to built in the ERPNEXT app since all core functionality is part of Android
Robert /// @rushabh_mehta, have definitely some collegues who can give u technical advice here

My initial thought was the same. I would think the app should interact with the given Android / iPhone to expose inbuilt functionality, such as notifications and of course location - example: audible / visual alert to user when they are in 200m fencing radius of address. Providing access to these presents many more use cases IMO.

An android app would be great! Companies could make use of android based business devices which have built in scanners, stylus for digital signatures etc.


Any update on this?

Stores the coordinates in 2 fields. Use html to render it as a link. Well this worked as a solution for my client.

for eg
Store Lat
Store Long
Generate link and store in another field google_link

frappe.ui.form.on("Address", "validate", function(frm) {
    frm.doc.google_link = "" + + "," + frm.doc.long;

Use html to render as a clickable link

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In the Address DocType I created a set of custom fields to enable storing gps coordinates, even did a javascript which grabs a Waze permalink and extracts the coordinates, only to store them and place them in a embedded waze map.

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This project might be of relevance:

Thanks for your answers but im thinking of tracking something moving e.g delivery trucks and constantly seeing their current positions on map

Any update/progress with regards real time tracking of delivery agents via mobile app

I have implemented this in a few different ways but am new to ERPNext. If anybody is keen to help me ramp up on ERPNet I think we could knock this off pretty quickly.

Can we implement in web html rather then mobile app , (Coordinate fetch ) from check in check out crm also

I think i would store the gps location logs somewhere(AWS/GCP…) else with high read/write and keep a reference to those logs in ERPNext.
Then once i need to access those data send pass that reference that is stored in ERPNext to that storage location.

LogsNX mobile app available on iOS and Android works like this.

You can create geofences and projects. Checkin checkout can be done with face recognition.

It’s also pushing checkin checkout logs to ERPNext.

If someone interested, I can setup a demo account and push logs to your ERPNext instance as well. No customisation required at your ERPNext level.

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