Gradual deployment of ERPNext (over long period of time)


I’m a former programmer that has switched to brewing beer.

I’d like to setup an ERP system for my brewery. As this is not a priority, I would like to set it up step by step, when time allows it. I am wondering if setting up ERPNext in bellow described way is advisable / allowed or would it cause any problems:

  1. use production image for VirtalBox,
  2. input the basic information about the firm,
  3. select (one) module and start using it (in English),
  4. translate module to your language (and contribute the translations),
  5. repeat steps 3. and 4. with another module.
  6. Update the code (from production branch) often.

Looking forward to your comments,

You can refer this ERPNext Implementation Strategy

For testing instance you can create a free account at (the easiest way to experiment).

For production you can take VPS from any VPS provider and install ERPNext

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I would suggest Sales and Purchase modules first and then proceed as you get more comfortable. Highly recommend cloud option if customizations are not a priority.