"Grand Total" of Purchase Order not visible in List view even though "In List View" Option is checked

I wanted to see the Grand Total of a Purchase Order in the Sales Order List and likewise open the “Customize Form” Dialog for the Sales Order.

To my Surprise the Grand Total field has the “In List View” option checked by default which nevertheless is not visible in the Sales Order List. Can someone point me to a solution here?


It works fine in my test account.

Kindly re-check if the “in list view” is checked and save the form again.

What all columns are shown in the Sales Order list view currently? There is a limit of 4 or 5 columns that can be shown list view. If the limit is already reached, you won’t be able to see it.

You can uncheck In List View option from any of the other columns and check.

thx, both of you

This is controlled via:


in “customize form”, and the function to enforce this is setup_visible_columns in grid.js

It should probably automatically increase in the future if the “Toggle Full Width” option is activated.