Grant leaves button missing

For some reason, the grant leaves button is not showing in the leave period. I thought it could be permission issue, so I logged in as administrator but still same issue:

@tefobw If you are using v13 then Grant button will be in Leave Policy Assignment form. Use awesome bar to search if you do not find Leave Policy Assignment in the dash board cards.

Thank you, didn’t realise it had moved

You are welcome. :slightly_smiling_face:
But please let me know if Grant button works with earned leaves (monthly allocated) in your case. It is not working for me and still trying to figure out why.:thinking:

@harishalwar if you got to know some process, please let us know.

It is not visible @harishalwar

It will be in the Policy Assignment List screen in v13.

I am in v13.27.0 and I cannot find grant button anywhere further as per documentation HR Settings - " Automatic Allocate Leaves Based On Leave Policy" should be visible in HR Settings" . This not visible for me.

I cannot GRANT leaves to employees as per policy as I see no option in Leave policy assignment form . Please guide

It is not visible for me.

in version-13. Grant leave button is not visible to me