Granted leave application won’t increase Leave(s) Taken

Hello everyone,

I’m new to ERPNext and already face a problem:

  • I assigned the year 2023 as new leave period for the company.
  • I then created a new leave type for vacations with a maximum of 30 days (standard settings, no checkboxes checked).
  • I created a new leave policy with this leave type and the 30 days as annual allocation.
  • I used the bulk leave policy assignment to assign this policy to all employees.

An employee is then able to use this leave type and initially has the 30 days available. If he submits a leave application for let’s say 10 days and this leave applications gets approved, he still has 30 days available and 0 days as leaves taken.
In the employee leave balance report, it also says 0 for Leave(s) Taken.

So basically, the employees always have access to the maximum amount of leaves allocated.

Am I doing something wrong?

I’m running version 14 on Frappe Cloud.


btw i am not any expert in erpnext. But did you add any workflow to the leave process?
what is the status of workflw approved?


Thanks for your answer. I did not add any workflow. I basically started with a fresh install without any demo content.
I was under the impression, that when following the documentation guide or the video guide on Frappe School, that leaves would be automatically calculated correctly.

If an employee finishes his leave application, the correct amount of days appears on Leave(s) Pending Approval. But after it is approved by the leave approver, available leaves are still 30 and used leaves are 0.

Do I have to create a workflow for this?


Yes you are right,. In general thats how it is supposted to work. What i am suspecting is that maybe the status of the document is not getting to 1 ( Approved state ) . That maybe the reason why the available leaves still says 30.

Couple of way you can check this is go to leave application docytpe
check the status of the leave from the filter. is it approved or is it in open


secondly you can also confirm from Attendance module. check the employee name and filter out for the days you applied the leave, it should show as on leave that day…

If attendance says on leave and even leave application says approved then we need to explore other option to solve this.


Thanks again for helping me out.

All approved leave applications do correctly have the status approved.
Attendance is completely empty, however. I didn’t do anything in this module yet.

i still feel that there is some issue with the status of the doctype. it is not taking approved as actually approved.
Try one more thing… Filter the leave application by document status… Check if the approved leave is coming under draft or submitted? check the image below


Btw i never configured attendance, but whenever the leave was approved, it created on leave status in attendance doctype.


You are totally correct! The documents were still in draft state. I didn’t submit the application after saving it :man_facepalming: (in my defense, the German translation is not as clear as the English one :sweat_smile:)

Thank you for solving my issue! The leaves now also appear on the attendance page.

Best regards

You are welcome

Glad i could be of help!