Graphical reports

Let me say upfront, i am a great fan of reports and report builder.
But is there any plan to take it to next level or are following already present:

  1. Graphical reports ( such as line graph or bars etc.)

  2. Comparison graphs (such as to view growth quarter to quarter)

There are various graphical reports like P&L, BS present. You can check.

@Pawan I believe @ridua is asking if line, graph, and bar charts will be available as part of the report builder.

@ridua I don’t believe that’s in the works right now.

Dear Pawan,
Where can I find this graphics to check?

Please check the “develop” branch from GitHub, it could help you

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I think they announced way back 2012 that Erpnext has analytics and graphing functionality? I haven’t really tried it yet, but here’s the link. ERPNext Analytics

You can also check a few line-graphs by typing in “Analytics” in the erpnext search bar. :slight_smile: