Gratitude to ERPNext: The Backbone of

Dear ERPNext Community and Team,

I’m writing to share my journey and express my heartfelt gratitude for ERPNext, which has been the cornerstone in building As a technology enthusiast with no formal coding background, I’ve found ERPNext to be an invaluable tool in turning my vision into reality.

Our ERPNext journey began in 2020 when we switched from Dynamics NAV. Initially, we thought Dynamics NAV could serve as our backend for all operations, but it fell short of our needs. A freelancer helped me install ERPNext on a cloud VM - at that time, I couldn’t even install it myself! As I explored ERPNext, I slowly realized its potential to power our entire platform, which motivated me to take up programming courses.

The road to building wasn’t smooth. I approached numerous developers, but their quotes were far beyond my budget. Most suggested a team of at least three - frontend, backend, and design. Despite spending lakhs on developers, we made little progress. When I shared my idea of building it myself, many dismissed it as absurd. Perhaps because developers often don’t align with founders building products themselves.

Undeterred, I enrolled in Python and JavaScript courses on iNeuron. This decision, coupled with ERPNext’s robust framework, led to the creation of What’s remarkable is that I built it single-handedly - from learning to code to designing the UI, from setting up the backend to optimizing performance. Everything might not be perfect, yet I am proud of myself for having built it myself.

ERPNext’s ease of building APIs has been a game-changer. It handles authentication, security, and caching, allowing me to focus on core functionality. My first API attempt was nearly 2,500 lines of code. Now, our entire site runs on custom APIs totaling no more than 500 lines! This reduction showcases both my growth and ERPNext’s efficiency. I am sure that in my next iteration and utilizing the in-built APIs this is going to come down even further.

We’ve integrated several key services into ERPNext to enhance our operations:

  1. Shipment updates via Shipway integration
  2. WhatsApp, Email, and SMS notifications through MSG91 integration
  3. Automatic virtual account creation and payment posting with Razorpay Smart Collect
  4. Supplier payouts within ERPNext using RazorpayX integration

Our complete tech stack includes:

  • ERPNext for backend and API management
  • Nuxt 3 for frontend
  • Netlify for hosting
  • TwicPics for image CDN
  • Razorpay for payments
  • Algolia for search

We’ve even implemented a credit checkout system, all managed through ERPNext. The platform’s reliability and speed have been outstanding, reflected in our 90+ performance score on Google PageSpeed Index.

One of our most exciting recent developments has been the integration of Crest AI with our ERPNext system. This powerful combination has transformed our supply chain management capabilities. Crest AI, an advanced supply chain solution, now works in tandem with our ERPNext

This integration showcases ERPNext’s flexibility and extensibility. It has allowed us to bring enterprise-level AI capabilities to our operations, significantly reducing stockouts, improving cash recovery time, and driving revenue growth.

Previously, we attempted building using Magento, WooCommerce, and Prestashop, but none offered the B2B functionalities we needed. ERPNext filled this gap perfectly.

Our first version launched last September, just three months after I started learning to code - a timeline that would’ve been impossible without ERPNext’s intuitive design.

I want to emphasize that I’m still on a learning journey. There’s so much more to explore in development and ERPNext. I humbly request the community to excuse any naive questions I might ask and welcome any advice as I continue this path.

To the ERPNext team and community: your work is making a real difference. You’ve empowered founders like me to become builders, turning visions into reality without breaking the bank. ERPNext has been more than a software solution; it’s been a catalyst for growth, learning, and entrepreneurial empowerment.

I invite community members to check out and provide feedback. Your insights would be invaluable as we continue to grow and optimize our platform.

In conclusion, ERPNext has made the daunting task of building a comprehensive B2B e-commerce platform not just possible, but enjoyable. Thank you for your continued innovation and support. You’re truly making a difference for businesses and aspiring builders like me.

Warm regards,
Azhar Umar
Founder & Builder,
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Love it.

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Hi Azhar!

Thanks for sharing your story. This is amazing!

Sounds awesome! Have you built these integrations as custom apps? Maybe you can open source these and publish them to FC Marketplace. Giving back to the community :wink:

:star_struck: Would you like to join me for a BWH live session sometime this month to talk more about this and show how you built this? I am starting a new series on this exact theme this week, would love to host you in an upcoming episode!

P.S. I can’t access the site right now for some reason.


very amazing

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Awesome work, thanks for sharing your journey!

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That’s great :smiley: :+1:

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Superb! – thanks for sharing the journey, this is inspiring and motivating for other founder and builders.

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@buildwithhussain Thanks for your message. I have learned a lot from your videos. And would definitely love to contribute back to the community. The integrations are currently under a single custom app, not independent, hence cannot be published. I will definitely be converting these to independent apps and will publish them too.

Thanks for inviting me to your session. But I am still an amateur in this space and my knowledge might not be sufficient to be on your session. For that reason, I’d like to turn this down for now. But would definitely love to do it sometime in the future.

Once again thank you for your kind words.



More importantly thank you for sharing the experience. It is very valuable!

Especially for me because I am just starting out with erpnext.

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Are you kidding?
With all the work done, in so short a time? Looks more like a pro, really! :+1:
I’d consider this a hint to talent! Don’t underestimate yourself.

Hussain has a very sweet, caring, simple, easy going, accommodating style to make these videos.
You could probably do some kind of a shorty just to get used to it, and also learn more from him at the occasion.