Groceries and Bakeries Delivery App Accounting logic mapping to ERPNext

We are developing Groceries and Bakeries delivery application, and we would like to map our business requirement to ERPNext. We are evaluating the product, and up to now it’s promising.
We need your help on mapping this logic to Erpnext accounting module.

We have multiple groceries (Vendors/Suppliers) and multiple (delivery providers/ Distribution suppliers). our revenue comes from taking a % of the sales (different % for each supplier, and delivery provider).
Our business mainly is based on “cash on delivery” payment mode, so the delivery providers actually collects the money on our behave and we collect the cash from them on bi-daily basis.
Also our suppliers has multiple branches, and our delivery provider has many drivers that we need to track.

our question, What would be the best ideal mapping to our business into ERPNext:

1- will the Groceries be a supplier? What would be their branches? (take in consideration that we don’t mange their inventory)

2- Will the delivery provider be a supplier? How do we map their drivers who collected the cash to the system?

3- Once the driver has collected the cash, do we consider the invoice closed for the customer? if so, we still have not collected the cash yet from our delivery provider?

4- Is there a way to map, driver pays his company (daily) → his company pays us weekly (excluding their shares) → we pay grocery provider on monthly bases?

5- Our shares for this reselling, let’s say 2%, keeping this in mind, it’s correct to create the item selling price to what we sell to customer, and buying price to exclude our shares of this transaction? (Sales Order → Purchase order → Sales Invoice → Purchase invoice)?


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  1. Groceries and Delivery provider can be both be Suppliers and Companies
  2. To clarify, Delivery is the third party? Is this Delivery to the Consumers or Delivery to the Groceries?
  3. If the payment is not yet on hand, then it should be still in your accounts receivable.
  4. The driver can be an employee of the Delivery Company and whenever the Company makes a sale/delivery at the same time there should also be a Purchase Invoice (their Purchase invoice to you so that it’s an accounts payable to them and accounts receivable to you).
  5. Yes, I think this is a correct flow.

Such a mobile app is much necessary in these times

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