Gross Profit report based on valuation

Hello everyone,

Currently gross profit report is calculated based on purchase price.

I think it would be helpful for us/users if able to see also profit report item by item againts valuation/cogs.

What do you think guys?



You can check Gross Profit Report based on Item Code.

Since items could have different rates in the invoices, it has to show average rate in the report.

Yes, but I’m looking profit report based on valuation rate/COGS, not purchase price…

Profitability for an item is calculated based on its valuation only i.e. purchase price + taxes + other charges, and not just based on Purchase Price.


I think I’ve just found a ‘bug’. If I group by item-code, Avg.Selling Rate column shows last selling price, not average… I’m using v5.0.21


Thevaluation rat in the total profit report in the bundle is based on the total price amount of the units without counting the number of units, for example, the bundle is made up of three units of a particular item and two of another item, the value will be the equivalent of a unit of each item and not three+tow