Gross profit report {buying rates}


In our Gross profit report, I realized a lost for some items. After going through the buying rates, I found that these are calculated including the VAT which makes the result wrong.

Our items are non-stock and the setup for taxes on the buying invoice is for “Total” (Consider Tax or Charge for). There is no other way to change this because of the non-stock items.

Additionally, the box for “Is this Tax included in Basic Rate?” is checked.

Can you please help how I can get the rates without VAT on the report?

Thank you


I am also able to replicate the issue in the local account. Can you please create github issue?

Hi Rohit,

I had already created the issue on github but someone closed it. Then we sent several emails to support but no answers.

Will be a possible solution for this issue? Should I repon another issue on github?