Gross Profit Report: Invoice Wise Grouping

Hi awesome people,

I’m having some trouble with the gross profit report. I need to look at the profitability of each invoice and the “Group By” filter for the invoice does not seem to work!

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!

Scroll to the Right, there is Gross Profit Column as well as Gross Profit %:

I know, the problem is not that,
Actually, what i need to have is only one “invoice line” per invoice. So i can directly see if that invoice was profitable or not. Since this report has multiple lines per one invoice, i can not see that.

Hope you understood me now.


Hi All,
I too need the ability to group the Gross Profit report by invoice. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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Hi all,

Got the same problem here. Is this a bug or a wanted feature?


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+1 to this ,
in gross profit invoice wise grouping , there is not even a sub total or a break after each invoice showing the invoices overall profit !
to see the overall profit details of an invoice you have to filter it with each individual invoice and see from the totals , which exactly isnt helpful if you want to see the profits of each invoice in general ,

we need invoice wise profit summary!

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