Gross Profit Report Totally Wrong!

Hi Guys,

I have came across what I think a serious bug on Gross Profit Report. Here are the Details.

Actual Invoice

How it is reported in Gross Profit Report!

The Quantities are Wrong!!!



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It is unbelievable that this has gone un-noticed!

Has it?..check reported issues:

if you don’t see your specific issue you should report it so it can be tracked with the version you’re on.

Hmm… It sure seems strange that such an important BUG as the Gross Profit being misreported would still be sitting there in the BUG index since November last year and not a sole has bothered to even schedule it for validation. Yet, they went ahead and released the v13 as stable without even checking out such an important function of an accounting package!

Very sad indeed.

That is the whole purpose of the frappe/erpnext issues section on github, but nobody that writes the code is even paying attention.

Doesn’t say much for the reliability of the project.



Considering you’re a moderator here, your post worries me.

Maybe the project team has not seen this or triaged how critical accounting bug is within a financial system. I know back in my days of working with large multinational corporation that used SAP as their ERP, that the ERP is considered to be a finance system first. All other modules and inputs which may seem like nice functionality to help the business go… (i.e. training, HR, quality, etc.) was really just a clever way for Finance to identify and count all of the expense/revenue beans and understand their P&L statements in better detail.

I’m Going To Need Those TPS Reports ASAP. So, If You Could Do That, That’d Be Great… .”

Calculation errors in your ERP are like Harry Potter accidentially uttering the wrong words of a spell… who knows what disasterous consequences could come as a result, or how long it will take you to realize you shipped out the wrong numbers…worse yet, to whom you gave them to.

@bkm speaking of magic, can you just do something like fyi this thread to @nabinhait and magic will happen? After all, when V13 was released someone complained that CI wasn’t passing on Github and @nabinhait said it would be looked at. And now…passing! :slight_smile:


I know there has been lots of work to frappe and erpnext since v13.0.0 lots of fixes and things. It seems like MASSIVE effort just for me to be on the front end learning and configuring so many things for our “little” integration of ERPNext to create a system for us to manage PO’s here. I can only imagine how difficult it must be for the project maintainers to stay on top of every issue reported while still cranking out new functionality to meet user requests.

LOL :rofl::joy::upside_down_face::rofl:

Moderators can only help keep the forum threads on-track. They have nothing to do with the actual operation of the frappe framework or the developer team. Once you have a ton of helpful posts, tutorials, likes, and liked threads you TOO could be made a moderator. You just login one day and the badge is there.

It is based on FORUM experience and not developer experience.

We really have NO control over what the developer team does (or in this case does not do). But thanks for giving me a good laugh on a rainy day like today.

The only way to get developers interested in fixing anything is to post problems in GitHub. But as you can already tell from this thread, the posting of the financial errors already exists there and still nothing was done.

Welcome to the world of open source.

Developers fix things only if:

  • They are familiar with the code surrounding the problem
  • They have the time and inclination to do so
  • They need the practice on a particular code set
  • Or sometimes if someone challenges them to do so

They have no requirement to DO anything. Open Source projects are all existing because of volunteered effort of many people. Some of them take great pride in the project while others only do the least amount of work necessary to get something patched up so it does not crash. Still others only do something like this if they can convince a 3rd party to pay them to do it.

The best you can do is post the error conditions on GitHub and explain it it great detail. Aside from that, you only hope that you can appeal to their egos here on the form to prod them into fixing something that is already reported in GitHub.

Up to this point though, nothing has worked to get attention to this error condition.


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