Gross profit report


i need some help with gross profit report.
I create PI for one item with tax vat 19 % on net total.
After that i create SI for that item tax vat 19% on net total.
In gross profit report i have wrong calculation.

Average selling price is ok (without tax vat 19%)
Avering buying price is not ok (with tax vat 19%)

Did i miss something in PI or this is bug. Anyone have this problem?

Hi ! I’ve got the same issue

Selling price is right (166,67 excl 20% vat)
Buying price is wrong (120 incl 20% vat, should be 100)

what should we do ?

Meanwille, i solve this. You need to put on the PI tax to be on grand total or net total. Your tax is on valuation rate. That why you have problem with this report. I will post you later detailed instruction.

Thanks vladucoju, I’m looking forward reading the instructions.