Gross profit without purchase receipt


Is there any way to show the gross profit in the gross profit report without issuing a purchase receipt. In my case the materials are Drop shipped to the customer directly by the supplier without hitting my stores. How is the valuation done in this case without the purchase receipt ???


Any idea anyway ???

hi all

There seems to be no possibility to issue a purchase receipt once the Drop ship items are marked as “Delivered”… How would it be possible to create a purchase receipt or any way of showing the buying price in the Gross profit report ???

good question, seems per design for dropship there is no purchase receipt and delivery note needed/possible. so from accounting point of view the cost( cost of goods sold) should be posted by the supplier invoice, but standard logic for supplier invoice is posted to GR/IR account, maybe for dropship case this supplier invoice to be posted to COGS account instead!

this logic also need to be considered for the item wise sales register report which I proposed to add the cogs for multi dimension profitability analysis.

before the above mentioned logic implemented into the core, custom script needed.

Hi @szufisher

Thanks for the reply.

Yes as per design for dropship you shouldn’t have the purchase receipt and delivery notes. But in ERPnext … as per design of the Gross profit report you would need to have the purchase receipt.

I was thinking … how about using a dummy “Dropship” warehouse and using this to receive the material via purchase receipt and then using a Delivery note to customer internally ofcourse (as it would probably confuse the customer with two DN) ?? Not an elegant solution for this problem but sort of workable

Though in this case the drop ship print formats will be useless. And I’m not sure what kind errors this could bring in multi currency environment