Gross Profitability

Hi Good Day. Some of items i added and multiply by quantity doesnt work perfectly i try to multiply 1,245.68 x 150 and in my calculator and scientific calculator it show 186,852 but in the erpnext it shows 186,851.45 is this normal or a bug? Thank you

Where is the 1,245.68 coming from ? Did you type it in or is it a result of calculations from ERPNext ?

If it is from ERPNext the figure you are seeing might not be showing the full decimal places even though ERPNext is storing and using the full decimal places.

As a test can you increase your number of decimal places from your system settings ?


@olamide_shodunke the 1,245.68 is coming from the erpnext by getting the exhange rate. This is the exact details when i multiply my item selling rate which is in dollar 23.88 x 52.164 where in 52.164 is the exchange rate i get the total value of 1,245.67632 using calculator but in erpnext it shows in round off which is 1245.68

P.S. when i try to multiply 1,245.67632 x 150 where in 150 is the quantity i get the value which is 186,851.448 and when i round it off i get the right total amount erpnext is showing which is 186,851.45

My question is why does erpnext showing round off value in avg. selling rate which is 1245.68 and in the total selling rate it shows the value which is calculated on a non round off value which is 1,245.67632. Thank you in advance