Group by voucher uncheck

In General Ledger if we uncheck group by voucher the system should split all the entries in that voucher. Currently its not happening. I am using version 10.0.21

hi @ushashmi
can you add more information to back up your report

If in a journal entry any particular account is repeated multiple times then system sumup all the debits of credits of that particular account and show in general ledger in the same row.

@ushashmi Were you able to solve this issue because the problem still persists in version 12?. @tundebabzy what my friend is saying is that if in Journal Entry environment, an account is say a bank account(eg Fidelity Bank Account) is debited twice with say $2000 and $5000 as a result of lodgement of the amount individually and Cash Account is credited with $7000 on a particular date.If you go to General Ledger Report you will see that Fidelity Bank Account is Debited with $7000 as single entry instead of showing two entries of $2000 and $5000.
This is a serious problem that will make reconciliation of account impossible in a complex environment. @magic-overflow can you please help if possible.
And to all friend please help.

If say one of these describes the issue, upvote or comment there, otherwise report it?

Thanks for your quick response.It seems my case is opposite of the two cases shown above in the Github.
What we are saying is that the transactions lines (containing same account) in the journal entry should not be merged in the General Ledger report.
Below is a screen shot of ledger transaction

If we go to general ledger,we discover that $2,000,$1,500,$2,000 and $3,500 transaction lines in the journal are summed up to $9,000 as a single line under the Fidelity account as shown below:

I need help please.

Perhaps someone familiar with the issue you raise can advise what the expected behaviour is here - the idea is to identify whether this is a bug or say a user ‘report filter’ error?

edit: To post a screenshot would help here’s how to do that

Any luck in splitting the entries? I am also looking for similar ungrouped entries if a single Journal Entry has more than 2 lines of the same account.

The problem remains.


were you able to solve this problem??