Group of System Users

Hello everyone!

How can I categorize/group a set of System Users, like a department?

The purpose is to set permissions for Users within the same Group/Department, e.g., Users can view/edit Docs submitted by Users of the same Group/Department.

I am referring to the same DocType here. All users will use the same DocType but they are limited to see/edit/etc Docs submitted by Users from the same Group/Department.

I don’t see how Roles or Roles Profile can help here.

Any built-in functionality or a suggested workaround for this?


This can be easily done using the Roles, User Permission and Permission Level.

If you have real life scenario, please post the same with screenshots and desired result you want and will help further to configure the restrictions using Roles, Permissions, and permission level.


Divyesh Mangroliya

Hi @Divyesh,

Thank you so much for your reply and for restoring the hope in me that it’s doable, hopefully out of the box.

See the built-in (Only if Creator) checkbox in the Role Permission Manager? I want to have a similar check that filters the whole Department/Group/Permission Role.

I want to have a certain mix of permission if the Document is created by Me or ANYONE in my Department/Group/role profile/etc.

We will be using the same DocType, let’s say it’s Purchase Orders and people of the same Department/Group will have more permission for their own set of Documents.

Hope it makes sense.

Any thoughts?