Grouping Rows in Child Table

I would like to group child table rows depending on a column value. Has anyone done this.
Or if I need to customize, are there any pointers.

Here is a sample


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@roshrnair in the print format or in the table itself ?

In the child table.

@roshrnair like how you gonna do that in the screen ??

The easiest way I am thinking is to have 2 columns to be part of the table. These 2 columns would be the source for grouping the rows. On adding a new row the user need to select the values in these columns. Any new row addition will group the already added items.

Note: Ignoring all the issues that may arise if we re-order the rows by dragging. Else we have to go for a tree table where first the grouping node has to be added then then child nodes with rest of the values.