GSMTP error - Can't send email in ERPNext

Hi! We are having problem on sending email in ERPNext. We are currently using Gmail as our service. We are receiving this error.

(550, '5.4.5 Daily user sending quota exceeded. s76sm3343732pfc.35 - gsmtp')

Solutions we have tried but failed:

  1. Changing the email in the Email account - It works for a while then the error will be back again

  2. Retrying to send the email in the email queue - Error still exist

  3. Turning on and off the “Allow Secure Access” in Gmail

  4. Install a fresh server both Ubuntu 16 and 18

We are currently using Frappe v7.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks :slight_smile:

This issue has nothing to do with ERPNext but your email provider. GMail (and other email providers) cap the limit to 500 (2000 in the case of workspace):

You can circumvent this by changing your email provider or opting for a service like Sendgrid or Mailgun


It’s just weird that I just created a new email account in gmail but and the first email I sent using ERPNext has been blocked