GST API Integration

In the GST Portal we can find an option of API Integration under My profile.
Is it possible on ERPNext??

QuickBook, Zoho Book already enable the same.

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I don’t think we have access to a GSP who could provide erpnext the ability to talk with GST Servers.
I can recall someone on forums talking about the same sometime back but maybe bumping this post regularly might get their attention.

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Not possible unless Erpnext registers itself as an ASP under GSP’s like NSDL or Karvy to get an API access.

@srajelli ERPNext has enrolled with NSDL for ASP.


Will this feature be available soon. This is a deciding factor for many business owners.

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I have started to work with other apps like which have a good api access to GSTN but the only problem is that its more work but it seems like a good stop gap arrangement for now.

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posting on an old thread but @prakash_hodage mentioned erpnext has enrolled as an ASP with nsdl… what has happened in the meantime and has there been any development on that front?

I don’t think frappe or erpnext foundation is GSP. The ERPNext at this moment is preparing to generate json files our of erpnext, which would ready to upload onto GST portal for filing.

I think that’s best approach then connecting it via api to file. Bcoz, GST will remain non stable for some more time, and need of tax consultant will always remain. So their preference of filing tool is taken care when we generate json file.


prakash_hodageERPNext Foundation
Oct '17
@srajelli ERPNext has enrolled with NSDL for ASP.

this is what i was asking for more information in. i’m aware erpnext isnt a gsp. they said they enrolled as an ASP

@prakash_hodage, could you help us understand this?

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GSTN portal itself has not been completed, forget about the API. Better prepare portal upload ready reports. API integration isn’t going to happen any time soon.

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Has there been any progress on integrating GST with tools like cleartax? Linking with these tools will resolve issues that we are facing GST.


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I was talking to cleartax today. It seems that Tally and Busy use cleartax connector to handle gst. Why can’t erpnext?

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Today we tried export Sales Item Register, modify it and upload in Cleartax. GSTR1 filling became very simple.
Going forward, Government is moving towards e-filing invoice on GST site. If not done automatically then it will become too much of hasle. I suggest and request we start looking at integration with cleartax for GST. I will help ERPNext to be fully compliant with GST at all time and won’t have to worry about changes in the rule. Users will benefit with easy filling for reports and in future invoices.