GST : Auto-populate CGST, SGST ,IGST and Itemwise tax


As per the help article i have set item-wise tax

also as per the article have set tax rate to zero for IGST,CGST,SGST in Sales Tax and Charges Master

When i create the sales invoice based on Customer and Company (billing, shiiping address) either InState GST or Out State GST should be applicable.

Can Tax charges be auto populated in sales invoice ?

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Hello @jignesh_shah
You can try using Tax Rule each state for where Out of State Tax is applicable, check here

Even if you create for one state, you should be able to replicate by the same for other states using the Data Import Tool for Tax rule


Take this Scenario -

At present, my company is billing from two states - Karnataka & Maharashtra. Karnataka Warehouse at times bills for Maharashtra region and same applies for Maharashtra Warehouse. With this case in mind, how can I define in tax rule or a logic where the system determines Company Billing State and compares it with Customer Billing State and accordingly determine whether it is an Inter-State or Intra-State transaction. Also, tax-rule states only billing address of a customer and not of the company.

Please guide me on this.

P.S. - I have no experience in programming.

If your company has warehouses only in limited states, say e.g. Maharathra, Karnataka, and MP .
Then do not create Tax rules for these states and try and see if you could use “Custom Script” for these particular states.

Refer to .

You will nee some programming knowledge. If you are not comfortable try positing a job here .