GST calculation inconsistancy ERPNext v15

Facing an unusual problem in GST calculations.

What is happening is that when we are creating Sales Order or Sales Invoice sometimes the selected Items GST stays zero and does not get calculated.

This is happening randomly. Just today we created 10 Sales Invoices of the same Item to send to different customers.

In one Sales Invoice the GST was not fetched and calculated. It stayed zero.

Cannot understand why this is happening.

Hello, @yogeshvachhani

The GST system in ERPNext operates in two ways:

  1. Taxes and Charges Template (as illustrated in the image below:)

  1. Item Tax Template (as illustrated in the image below)

If your item has a Master Tax rate applied, it will automatically fetch from the Item Master. Otherwise, it will apply the Taxes and Charges Template at the rate you specified.

Please share some screenshots so I can better understand why it is not being applied.

Thanks for the reply.

But my problem is that when I am creating a SO/SI and choose an Item the GST gets calculated properly most of the time but sometimes it does not fetch GST and set it to zero.

Here even if we select Sales Taxes and Charges Template the GSt remains 0.!?!?

that the issue with some configuration in Sales Taxes and Charges Template because i didn’t face any issues.

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I will update here when I face this error again.