GST Calculation Issue in Purchase order

Hi All,

I am facing quite unusual error in GST calculation while raising purchase order. When I apply the tax template to purchase order the calculation of 9% on net total calculating wrong.

Here is the screenshots

Here is the my account setting

Even grand total is also calculating wrong

@NCP - Mr. Patel any help on this…

Appreciate your help on this

Thanks in advance…


Hi @rakshitha,

Please check your purchase tax template.

I think, first, your total will be 25044 so GST will show 2553.96, and then after changing the total maybe, a template will not update.

Otherwise again create a purchase order with the same item and the same total and then check whether your GST total is proper or not.

also checked if you enter the Item tax template or not.


I checked my purchase tax template… looks like something wrong here

here is the screen shot

Hi @rakshitha,

Please amount set 0 for all rows.

If not able to edit the amount column then remove all rows and again insert GST accounts.


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I have changed the template

Now it showing correctly in print format (but with wrong grand total)

I am facing this problem only for this particular PO

Please check, additional discount applies or not.

and also check your print format if custom print format.

something happens in this purchase order so if problematically then remove/delete it and make a new purchase order.

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Mr. Patel,

I found the problem, the reason behind miscalculation on GST is my PO involves transportation and packaging (Services)which falls under different 12% GST slab, and Raw material falls under 18% slab , since its PO print format is not customized on this hence it calculating 12% on 2 items rows

The solution: what i did is I raised two separate POs one for Transportation and Packaging and others for materials.

There is one more solution where we can put GST on actuals which is technically not right when there are services and materials involved