GST Changes as per Item Tax Amount

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I am setting up the ERP Next for a retail shop, where for certain items, the tax percentage changes based on item Rate, for 1000 Above it is 12%, below 1000 it is 5%, I have setup different tax template depending on the Item Rate and tried to handle this situation, what if on the POS sales someone applies a discount on 1000 Item Rate, it falls below 1000 and 5% tax rate has to be picked up, this is for India GST scenario, can someone help me on the same

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I am adding the link where the government condition

GST on Apparel, Clothing and Textile Products - IndiaFilings

Various textile products like curtains, bedsheets, used clothes, and other textiles have been listed under chapter 63 of the HSN code under other made up textile articles, sets, worn clothing and worn textile articles; rags. The GST rate for this chapter is dependent on the sale value of the goods. If the sale value of the textile product is less than Rs.1000, then a GST rate of 5% is applicable. If the sale value is more than Rs.1000, then a GST rate of 12% is applicable. The following are textile products listed under chapter 63 of the HSN code.

I see that you have given tax rules, but I dont have a provision for Rate based selection, can we provision it here

I have the same requirement as well. As per GST rules, some HSN categories have to respect transaction amount, in deciding which tax rrate to apply.

In pricing rules, there are ways to apply a rule based on transaction amount. Can this somehow be ported to Tax Rules as well?