GST Credit on Purchase Invoice

Erpnext is wrongly categoring Purchase invoice gst, which is already paid as Liability, instead of asset.

If I understand, in GST what we paid on purchases is considered as input credit, which should come on the Asses side, specificall “Tax Assests”, but is is categorizing as liability.

So, when I create Sales invoice, it books under liability, when I created Purchase Invoice, even that time also is booking under liability.

Did anybody has the same issue ?

You have to create different accounts for sales and purchase cycle. Then use them in sales and Purchase cycle as per your need.

Yeah, but you have to create a different account name.

It cannot be CGST, that is the issue.

Now I have

Tax ( Liability) - CGST, IGST, SGST

Tax ( Assest) - CGST-Input, IGST-Input, SGST-Input

The issue is when printing PO or Invoice, it comes like that itself.

In print format, we don’t print account name, the tax description is shown in the print format. So, you can keep the same description for both CGST and CGST-Input.