GST expense not posting while making entries for item with "Ineligible for Input Tax Credit"

Created Purchase Invoice with item “Ineligible for Input Tax Credit”.

while submitting the entry GST amount does not booked as GST expense. attaching ledger impect below.

Is there any configuration to do so?

Are the GST accounts you using as per GST Settings (Type: Input)?

Yes it is same but still not moved to GST Expense account.


I am using following versions.

Item tax templates applied to this document but also tried removing item tax template and added rates through Purchase taxes and charges table directly and remains 0 rate to purchase taxes and charges templates.

Can you help me with this?

I see that your entry is from April.

Can you check if the issue is there if you create entry today?

I tried to posted same entry before 2 days but still not make any impact.

Installed version:
India Compliance: v15.7.5 (version-15)