GST for stock transfer Implement Started

Hello Team,

We have started to implement this feature into ERPNext via stock entry. Now we are just remaining with Accounting entries. Any help will be appreciated for accounting entries.

( 1 ) Stock Entry Screen

( 2 ) Warehouse Screen


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Some thoughts:

  1. There should be validation to allow only one combination of Source + Target warehouse per entry in such cases.

  2. For accounting
    a. Material Transfer Accounting can be as it is.
    b. Add a check box “Apply GST”. If this is selected:
    a. Show tax table with Item Tax applicable. If item value is 100 & IGST is 28, this would show the amount of IGST. This can be fetched from Item Level Tax template.
    b. GST Accounting should be between, GST Payable & GST Recoverable and these accounts can be shown or set at company level & appropriate Dr & Cr entry can be passed.
    c. Additionally add a field at Stock Entry Item level which would copy default Item cost but would be editable. GST % would be calculated on the sum of these fields at line level. These would be only for GST calculation but not for Item Valuation.

Thank you Pawan for your guidance.

For Accounting entries I am still confused.

For Stock Transfer entries, they can be as they are happening today. I think only additional entries would be,
GST input - Dr - Rs 28
GST output - Cr - Rs 28

These are just thoughts but this approach can be validated by accounting experts in the community.

Yes, you are right. Any accounting export suggestion would be appericiated.