GST Incorporation in EPNEXT

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I am user of ERPNEXT and I don’t think it is GST enabled because in GST if two services are in one invoice and CGST/HGST/IGST/Cess and rate are diffirent for both services then how it will be captured in Sales Invoice? Each services will have HSN Code/ST Code also.


Could you explain what is HGST ?

Sorry it is SGST.

Best of my understanding, in transaction, we will only apply GST. For each item, we will be able to define HSN Code. The bifurcation list CGST/SGST etc. will be managed by the govt. authorities, and that’s how GST is tend to simplify things.

Actually, this is not true. We have to manage and remit this appropriately. CGST and IGST to the central government. SGST to the states. All filing is done through a single portal, but the breakups need to be defined by the filer.

Note that I have not tried to set this up, but I believe that this is all possible using Sales Tax templates and Tax Rules

I don’t understand why the government portal couldn’t sort IGST, CGST and SGST itself.:unamused:
Here’s the model GST Invoice -
Note that Item doctype would now have to have an HSN code so that the system can pickup the rates automatically.

Payload given here (GST developer portal) has cgst/sgst/igst at item details level.

Description of terms in json payload can be found in spreadsheet available to download on GST developer portal.

Payload is more or less same for v0.1 and v0.2 APIs

Help video on using GST features in ERPNext.

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Please check this for invoice requirements -

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