[GST India]: How would you handle Shipping Charges if GST is included in the Pricing of Items?


I am kind of stuck with one problem and currently we are unable to resolve this issue. The shipping charges in ERP are entered in the Sales Taxes and Charges child table and GST or tax is included in the item price.

Now my issue is that we would like to add shipping charges but as per the GST definition in India we are supposed to charge the GST on the shipping or courier charges as well.

Since the tax rate is included we cannot seem to find a way in which we could add tax on the shipping charges, any help on this issue?

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How about adding Shipping Charges as a service item, with rate inclusive of GST?

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Yeah and even if it is not inclusive of taxes, just do the item tax and you will get GST automatically calculated on the shipping charges. Unless Aditya is saying that he charges Shipping as a percentage of the Net Total. In which case a Custom Script should be able to do that, right?



Hi Aditya,

The solution I have found is Keep the freight charges in the 1st row and set the Tax type as “On previous row total” in “CGST” and “SGST” and set the reference row to 1. Refer the attached images

This solved the problem for me. Hope this helps


I Was also stuck with similar situation this solution helped and solved my problem


Hello, I am facing the same issue but in the solution that you have given the Total Tax amount should be (5319+5319)= 10,638 but the Freight charges 300 are also getting added to and showing as 10,938

has anyone found solution to this issue

Thanks! Its Working…