GST India Ready ERP

  • Download ready-to-upload GSTR-1 reports (GSTR-2 on its way)

  • Sales invoice with item-wise tax breakup

  • Handle multiple GSTINs for one company

and more …


@kennethsequeira is this merged to master branch yet? i don’t see it in ERPNext yet.

My current version:

ERPNext: v10.0.13 (master)

Frappe Framework: v10.0.13 (master) 

GSTR-1 is in the develop branch. It should be merged in the master branch in the coming weeks.

awesome :vulcan_salute:

@Amisha Thanks for taking the time to identify the missing pieces in ERPNext from your perspective.

Since you probably have a ZOHO instance and you see how it has a better implementation of GST Filing Solution.
A more detailed comment with screenshots and workflow of each of the feature that you think is better in ZOHO will help people developing this feature.

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Best would be to post improvement requests on GitHub with proper documentation otherwise this just seems like a Zoho glorification/marketing post to me.