GST number missing in the sales invoice print

I have recently noticed that some of the invoices are not displaying the GST number using built-in GST invoice print format. This has been working fine for quite some time and issue started fairly recently(2-3 weeks back). I could see the GST number properly in customer address section, however it goes missing in the print format. Is there any known issues in this area? If not, any idea how to troubleshoot this issue. I might be able to reproduce this on a dev setup…

Perhaps address didn’t have GSTIN when customer was selected in the Sales Invoice. If GSTIN was added after selected of Customer, then reselection of Customer will be required in the Sales Invoice.

Since this issue is not consistent, but occurring in few invoices, then issue is mostly likely related to data entry and order in which GSTIN is added in the address. Ensure that GSTIN is added in the very beginning, even before selection of customer in the transactions.

It happened once again, so I gave a closer look. The invoice has two address parts, billing and shipping. We have same address for both, but I haven’t ticked that while adding the address, which resulted in blank shipping GSTIN and only billing GSTIN. The invoice print format was looking for shipping GSTIN and ended up blank. Simple mistake, yet forgot to notice earlier.