GST on selected items

I am creating a PO with multiple line items. However, some items does not have GST as per invoice. Is there any way to tag GST on selected items where it is applicable? I have tried “On Previous Row Amount” but not working.

gst is weird on erpnext right now. i would suggest a quick workaround.

  1. set cgst/sgst rate in items master.
  2. in ledger master, set " in state gst " and out state gst at “0” tax rate.
    make your entry and it should calculate gst correctly only on items which has gst enabled and also even if there are different tax rates. this is my bandaid but it is not a solution

ERPNext team. This is an important drag on GST. Please resolve.

meh. i have tried multiple times here as well as github by raising issues but there isnt any activity here or there

Improving GST is now on their lists so they are working or are taking it up.