GST Rate updation

We have an internal database which has nearly 5000 items with their HSN Code
Can any one help me to write a script which can be like a switch case or array of HSN codes which can be looked up during addition of an item for tax rates and directly add the same to the Item

You can use Data Import Tool to update your items.

Yes but I cannot data import every time I have to add a item
Plus format of data import is very difficult it take 3 rows for each items ie CGST SGST & IGST

In our internal software we have a tax profile attachment feature which is basically a lookup that would make data import easy.

But when one of my employees adds a new product I will still have a problem if they don’t feed tax rates unless it is automated !

Also a provision to set tax rated with effective date is required for example to what happened on 15 Nov 2017

We had take a dump of all data and physically update each item and re-import it

A profile system will help