GST Reports GSTR1

First of all, it has been a great first phase implementation of GST. However we now need proper reports in format for GSTR1 and GSTR2 preferably directly from ERPNext to GST servers. Is there any plans to implement it?


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  1. You cannot directly connect to GSTIN servers, you need to go through a GSP. If you know of any GSP who offers APIs, kindly share your knowledge.

  2. The other option you have is to upload the GST Purchase Register and GST Sales Register available in ERPNext to the GST Portal in the format they need.

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I have sent a pull request to include missing details in GST Itemised Sales Register as per GSTR1. The PR will be merged in the coming week.


Need this feature.

I have some code that takes the GST sale register and generates the json file that can be uploaded to GST portal directly. I tried it once and it seems to work fine. Now it needs to be integrated in the product so that we can export it as JSON directly. If anyone has time and knowledge to do this, please do let me know. I will share the code.

@nabinhait, can we use Sathisha work on json? Maybe refer the GitHub issue link to relate it.

@spoojary, was GSTR1 working fine in your case? I’m facing issue with my installation. I guess it’s v. 10.1.36

well, I haven’t upgraded since a long time, I was using 10.0.7

@spoojary JSON output for GSTR reports are in our todo list for this month. If you can share the code, it will definitely help. Can you please share the code with me via email?

Great to hear that. I looked at the code, which had lots of hardcoded stuff, so I have asked them to fix the same. Give me one or two days and I will send them via mail.

Really sorry, couldn’t spend any time on it. However I was told the code is working, so sharing the same -
GitHub - harshith187/GST: Converts ERPNext sales excel file to GSTR1 json format here and hoping to spend some time this week.