GST reports issues

Hi All,
We have using ERPNext for few years and of all the good things that it has issues with GST is causing a lot of pain for us. Every month we end up doing the GST manually as the report that are generated does not show correct data.
I wanted to understand how others are doing their GST on ERPNext so that I can understand if we are doing something wrong. The current issues that we face are -

  1. The reports B2B and B2C do not show the correct invoices. Many times the invoice that has to be on B2C report will land up in B2B.
  2. In B2C B2CL and B2CS will be mixed up.
  3. There is no way to put in GST for items that cannot have a purchase invoice like Customs Duty. In current setup, we have to create a Journal Entry but that is not picked
  4. Report containing HSN data with quantity and invoice value has to be made manually
  5. Number of sales invoice and delivery note number for the month have to be set manually
  6. Reports for Advance and payment receipts also is missing.
  7. Generating EWay bill from the invoice or delivery note is not possible.

Further there are other reports that needs to be submitted but are not generated by ERP and we are doing it manually.

All the data is already available, doing it and checking it manually is not only time consuming but error prone.We want to understand is there a better way to do it?