GST State Code issue

While adding buyer or seller address there are GST details but when i enter all details and try to save the address ERPNext shows error - "Mandatory field required in Address- GST State Number " -------------- How to enter / fetch GST state number?

hi, I don’t use India, so I can’t check but as I’ve seen in the code you should choose GST State and then GST State Number will be fetched.

Thanks! But It is still not fetching GST state number and there is no option to manually enter state number.

have you used GST State from this list?

state_numbers = {
“Andaman and Nicobar Islands”: “35”,
“Andhra Pradesh”: “37”,
“Arunachal Pradesh”: “12”,
“Assam”: “18”,
“Bihar”: “10”,
“Chandigarh”: “04”,
“Chhattisgarh”: “22”,
“Dadra and Nagar Haveli”: “26”,
“Daman and Diu”: “25”,
“Delhi”: “07”,
“Goa”: “30”,
“Gujarat”: “24”,
“Haryana”: “06”,
“Himachal Pradesh”: “02”,
“Jammu and Kashmir”: “01”,
“Jharkhand”: “20”,
“Karnataka”: “29”,
“Kerala”: “32”,
“Lakshadweep Islands”: “31”,
“Madhya Pradesh”: “23”,
“Maharashtra”: “27”,
“Manipur”: “14”,
“Meghalaya”: “17”,
“Mizoram”: “15”,
“Nagaland”: “13”,
“Odisha”: “21”,
“Other Territory”: “98”,
“Pondicherry”: “34”,
“Punjab”: “03”,
“Rajasthan”: “08”,
“Sikkim”: “11”,
“Tamil Nadu”: “33”,
“Telangana”: “36”,
“Tripura”: “16”,
“Uttar Pradesh”: “09”,
“Uttarakhand”: “05”,
“West Bengal”: “19”,

Have you saved address form after selecting GST state?

I have tried many times to save it but it is not letting me save till state number is entererd/fetched

@shubhkarma Can you post a screenshot of address form. I believe @prakash_hodage solution should work.


where to save this list?

this list in the code and it should be used when you save an address

Problem has been solved !!!
In customize form>Form Type:Address>In row Number 17 : State Number Field> Uncheck Mandatory.

Screen Shots Attached for reference.