GST & TDS on Single Purchases invoice booking


I want add GST & deduct TDS in invoice will it will be possible in ERPNext??

Automatic Calculation is more helpful…


|Dr/Cr| Particular Amount
|Cr |XYZ| -1170/-
|Dr| Expanses A/C 1000/-
|Dr| CGST Receivable 9% 90/-
|Dr| SGST Receivable 9% 90/-
|Cr| TDS Contr. Payable 1% -10/-

Thank you in advance

are you talking about the new GST TDS or the income tax TDS?
if income tax, then it might already available, just would need some enabling. About GST TDS, well from the example it seems you are talking about GST TDS but it is applicable from 2.5 lacs of contract value and its 2%, 1%cgst and 1%sgst.
Uh, no. I have mentioned the same with the team and i might have to start an issue on the github with the same but as of now i dont think erpnext supports that.