GST3B report for manufacturing

HI, I provide solutions to manufacturing unit. He need GST 3B report. Now it is not available. Please suggest solutions .

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That report may be a work in progress!? [Feature Request] GSTR - 3B report · Issue #13541 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub

Otherwise if a specific function you require is missing, these three ‘formal’ options exist for you to have these implemented:

Of course less formal means are whether others here may respond who share your interest or who may have already implemented this themselves…

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The report is in our immediate to-do list and should be developed by the end of June.

Does Report is ready? or can I contribute?

We did not start the development yet. It will be great if you can contribute the report.

I don’t have idea about how it looks like and which information it contains. Will be better to share format of report so i can contribute it.

I also don’t have any format for GSTR 3B. If anyone have the format please share. Otherwise, we need to take help from Google.

Sure. Will attach here if is there any. :grinning:

@nabinhait What’s the progress?

It’s very important for me as I need to make a GSTR-3B report every time I file GST.

@prob.erp yes, GSTR3B has been released in V12. please refer to this PR